Free Water Test For Winnipeg, Southern and Northern Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario Customers

Is your water really as clean and safe as you hope?:

When it comes to knowing whether you need water treatment or if your existing water treatment equipment is working, the process is similar.

You need a water test! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

1. The only way to KNOW is to start at the source.

Understanding what water quality you're dealing with will provide the direction needed for what equipment is required to reach the desired water quality.

For an example...are you:

  • Looking to remove sediment?
  • Wanting to remove odors?
  • Just wanting to soften your water?
  • Looking to have beautiful clean, safe drinking water?

2. Water test process.

A free onsite visit to your Winnipeg or Manitoba location where we will take a sample of your water and discuss your water quality goals.

Here we will also be collecting critical data from your water source (pump size/well/city/municipal) insuring proper sizing of equipment and a proper install.

Most of our collected samples are sent away to be tested by a Lab. Depending on what test is required will determine which Lab will be doing the sample testing.

  • FREE TEST RESULTS - Hadrness, iron, manganese, turbidity,PH, TDS, tannins, chlorides, and sulfates.
  • LAB COST REQUIRED- Bacterial Testing

3. Test Results.

Once the water sample test results are received we then provide our customers with the information and options of what equipment is recommended to provide long-term satisfaction.

Every customer across Winnipeg and Manitoba has different situations so regardless; DSC Mechanical is to provide proper information and recommendations that customers can trust. We strive to ensure our customers of our products and services so we can create a long-term relationship.

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